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greetings from paris   
02:50am 09/12/2008
  hey so um i moved to paris and i'm in college now. i havent used this in a long time. i feel like blogger is way more efficient. i need to make this private too because of anonymous morons who comment on my journal.  
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10:18pm 30/11/2007
NICK VALENSI OF THE STROKES!!! klsjfslda;kjfasd;lfjkasdl;kfj sadfaslkf jsal i have been OBSESSED with him since 5th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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06:30pm 17/11/2007
   1. Have you ever taken a shower with another person?
to "save" water. shieet whataa hottie

2. Who ended your last relationship?
uh it kind of fizzled on its own, mainly because of him. jerk.

3. When was the last time you got in trouble with the law?
kind of last weekend

4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?

5. Are you any good at math?
surprisingly better at pre calculus than most math

7. Do you have any famous ancestors?
a few actually

8. Have you ever burped in front of the opposite sex?
haha moe probably

9. Do you know all the words to the song on your myspace page?

10. Where is your mom at?
fucking bitch

11. Have you ever kissed in the rain?
yeahhh once

12. What's one thing you wish to change about yourself
wish i could try harder

13. When was the last time you showered?
about to

14. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach?
i draw hearts

15. What's the most painful dental procedure you've had?
wisdom teeth

16. What is outside your back door?

17. Do you have any plans for Friday?

18. How many brothers/sisters do you have?
2 brothers

19. Do you have a secret crush?
not so secret anymore

20. Do you keep in touch with all your exes?
i try to be civil with them. i can say one is actually a good guy.

21. Do you dislike anyone right now?
try my parents

22. Something you are excited about?

23. What is your favorite flavor of jello?

24. Are any of your great-grandparents still alive?

25. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group?
today at the MUN conference

26. What kind of winter coat do you have?

27. What are the songs/movies that reminds you of an ex?
garden state, click, parent trap HAHAHA

28. Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue?
cherrys taste like cough syrup

29. Would you ever go back out with your ex?

30. Do you believe in God?
i dont know what i believe in

32. Who was your first best friend?
was? still is bitches.

30. How long was your longest relationship?
3 months or so

31. What's your least favorite class?
i would have to say that ap econ sucks a lot.

32. Who was the last person you ditched class with?
i cant think of who it was because it happens so often

33. Have you ever snuck out of your house?
i've resorted to that now since i cant even be in my own house anymore

35. What color underwear are you wearing?

36. What's the last compliment you recieved?
some guy said i "kicked ass" today?

37. Do moochers annoy you?
oh you dont even know.

38. Do you wear contacts or glasses?

39. What's the last movie you watched?
hamlet. HAH

40. Which friend lives the closest to you?
julia and the other one that starts with a j
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12:03am 26/10/2007
  to clarify why I FUCKING hate our school district:

"why yes! we have school tomorrow"- said today in a facetious-condescending manner by own our own vice principal on the loudspeaker. (123 can you all say ASSHOLE?!)

we are the ONLY district in south orange county besides Newport and Tustin who doesn't have the day off tomorrow. WHY IS THIS?! because our district is preoccupied with our budget and making our quotas every single year!!!
Laguna beach high school happens to be in school for DAYS almost WEEKS longer than the required amount for the state of California; so why else would we continue school for anything but BUT money?! this is what teachers and other authoritative figures within our school FAIL to recognize and it can be shown through a simple example such as the words of our own high school's vice principal over a loudspeaker.

when the fire alarm was pulled the other day, what was the first thing billenger  said?!
in other words, to paraphrase what Hitler said was

o0000oooh don't worry mr. billenger,  you probably wont be receiving lawsuits for a student fracturing a limb from falling over in a false fire alarm evacuation.  you and superintendent Hathaway will probably have potentially LARGER lawsuits and concerns to get your panties in a knot about after this week. concerns and lawsuits such as angry parents and  complaints regarding their children contracting bronchitis and other potentially dangerous pulmonary disorders from inhaling the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF SMOKE AND CARBON DEPOSITS IN THE AIR surrounding the city of laguna beach just might be a BIGGER concern. sadly, you two and the rest of the school district obviously didn't think twice about that when you decided to continue school AND FINALLY decide to seriously discontinue all outdoor/ physical activity today (5 days after the fires have emerged). hello?!!!!!!!!!! is anybody in there mr. hathaway, or did you not notice that ALL OF THE SUPERINTENDENTS AROUND YOU IN YOUR MEETING DECIDED TO DISCONTINUE SCHOOL FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK BECAUSE OF THE TOXIC AIR?! have you seen the news?! they have ordered civilians to stay inside until the air and smoke deposits vanish in the air sometime at least in the next 3 WEEKS.

this entire week when our principal, dr. austin, has phoned home every day and told us about "weather conditions" and stressed about how "health is a major concern" for the students of Laguna Beach High School, made me roll my eyes and cringe with bitter disgust.
IF HEALTH WAS AND CURRENTLY IS A MAJOR FACTOR, our school would be handing out masks, and OBSESSIVELY MONITORING the classroom activity and filtration from the smoke from day one, but they didn't and probably wont. (at least i can safely say that our school will not hand out mandatory masks because it costs MONEY!)

the fact that el morro, top of the world, AND thurston were all canceled and not laguna beach high school on monday is sickening.
"the little kids cannot handle the smoke".
well look at us, were still children in your eyes and WE ALSO CANNOT HANDLE THIS SMOKE OR HARSH TREATMENT AS WELL MORONS.

fuck you very much,
sincerely yours you fucking assholes,
natalie christina white.
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i should be studying for ap gov   
03:06pm 18/10/2007
mood: chipper
bad natalie for not studying.
i'm really compelled to make this little indie film with no words but just background music from songs. YES

i also dropped dance and i've never felt happier because the new company just isnt working out

1. Does someone love you?

2. Do you know anyone named Dave?
i dont want to know anyone named dave. (dave= psycho ex stepdad)

3. Ever kissed anyone with the name starting with a J?
i can already tell this quiz is creepy, but yeah the answer is yes.

4. Has anyone ever mistaken you for a family member?
ok wtf everyone thinks i'm my aunt

5. Have you ever tried Propel Calcium Water?
yeah. smart water is better. fuck you moe.

6. What color are the walls of your parent’s bedroom?
my dads are tan. my mom hasnt decided what color shes painting her room at her house.

7. Do you think that hair extensions look skanky?
some peoples look REALLY bad.

8. Are you named after a grandparent?
thank god no. however i am naming one of my daughters sabrina.

9. Say you were given a drug test right now. Would you pass or fail?

10. Are you taller than 5'6“?
thats how tall i am

11. Ever see a dead body?
in a bag.. so sketchy

12. Do you like the color green?

13. How old are you?

14. Who was the last person to send you a text message?
not sure. my phone is off

15. Who slapped your butt last?

16. Last restaurant you went to?

17. What is the weather like today?

18. Last voicemail you received?
dont check my voicemail

19. What did you do yesterday?
study for AP gov and get coffee with fletcher cody and masha

20. What's the first thing you would do with five million dollars?
buy a dog and an apartment somewhere. preferably nyc.

21. What is the wallpaper on your cellphone?
some junk

22. How many hours did you sleep for last night?
hahaha obviously not enough because i missed first period

23. Any upcoming concerts you want to attend?

24. Who's the last person that you felt was stalking you?
HAHAHAHAHAHA uh jungle boy

25. Have you ever been on your school's track team?
haha yes! go high jump!

26. What jewelery are you wearing?

27. If all of your friends were going on a road trip, would you?

28. How much money do you have?
patrick and i found 60 dollars in the laundry room and nearly murdered each other over it, of course i won.

29. Do you swear at your parents?
not at my aunt and uncle, but my parents yes.

30. Is your phone right beside you?
my phone is OFF

31. Have you cried today?
i wanted to but i'm okay now

32. Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now?

33. Do you un tie your shoes every time you take them off?
i havent worn tennis shoes in a while

34. What is the color of your bedsheets?

35. Have you ever crawled through a window?
thats how i roll

36. Do you like taking pictures?
not of myself but of other people/ objects YES

37. What's your sign?

38. Where do you spend most of your money?

39. What was the last thing you ate?
iced tea

40. Do you have a tattoo?
i kind of want a tiny one..

41. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?
no but you can either find me playing halo 2 hung over or sleeping.

42. Is there a secret you've never told any of your friends?

43. Have you ever told someone you loved them but didn't mean it?
kind of

44. Have you ever changed your clothes while in a vehicle?
story of my life

45. What are you doing for 2008?
graduating high school/ starting college/ starting a new direction in life

46. What is your phone on ?
not on.

47. What were you doing at 2am last night?

48. Are your parents married/divorced/separated?

49.What are you doing tonight?
studying for ap gov

50. What are you doing tomorrow?
yo no se

51. Who did you last message on Myspace?
dont know

52. Does it annoy you when someone says they'll call but never do?
COUGH. boys

53. What did you dress up as for your first Halloween?
bunny. my mom cut the ears off of my rabbit stuffed animal
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07:34pm 05/10/2007
  today is nicoles 18th birthday. i want to be 18 :(
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11:26pm 03/10/2007
  when i should be doing my econ:
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10:20pm 02/10/2007
mood: chipper
senior year has had its ups and downs. it's only still the beginning though.
i really ought to write in this thing more often.
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08:32pm 16/09/2007
  halo 2 is my fucking life. i wake up at 8:30 on the weekends to play it. no joke  
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10:14am 02/09/2007
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04:58pm 09/08/2007
  what the fuck

!!! and klaxons are both playing on the same day next month but different venues.


this is like the hardest decision

i've seen both too and were both amazing :((
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face to face   
02:15pm 28/07/2007
mood: anxious
holy shit.
it's been exactly week as of today since the concert, and it still hasn't settled in my brain that it happened. 

actually as i come to think of it... i dont even think i had seats.. hahahahaha.

all of my like excitement/nostalgia is really starting to hit me right now.

pretty much it was one of the BEST fucking concerts i've ever been to (and i've been to too many to count), and it was also one of the craziest nights of my life which not to mention, i have NO pictures or videos to show from it. 

i'm currently watching you tube videos from the concert, and still it brings goosebumps under my skin because it was that mind blowing.

i want to go to lalapallooza soo freaking damn fucking bad just to see them again. i dont care about any other band. i'm not even kidding. who is down?! i'll beg aunt susie for a vacation.
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02:52am 15/04/2007

tonight was wild.
yeah. so heres how it went:

met moe at the koffee klatch and had mexican hot chocolate and a sugar free brownie SOOO GOOD
went to my house. got ready for the night
nicole arrives
andreas takes 2 hours to get organized for the night ARG (typical of him)
get to kelly soffermans house
cops gather everyone up in kelly's livingroom and separate 18 yr olds from minors
i panic and make a run for the back window with ross huntley, matt ross, and 12 other people.
we escape and jump through bushes and dirt and i totally eat shit and roll down a dirt mini hill with paige and tasha.
run down mountain view the fastest i've probably ever ran in my life or seen anyone run in their lives for that matter
and JUMP into matt's car.


get back to my house with andreas. 
go pick up erik and sam.
drive to crystal cove. 
get denied from the gate guard pretending to be jeremy eaton going to danny huangs house.
(erik's brilliant idea)
hahahahahaha to that times 30
walk into ocean club pretending to be 21, and hang out with drunk gold diggers and old rich men by a piano.
drive to erik's house
get fooodz
drive home

off too bed. goodnight.

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12:56am 25/03/2007
  this makes me happy. i lalalalalallalalalaLOVEEE bloc party.

wake up dreamer
it's happening without you
cut your hair and shave your beard
you squandered your chances
I'll give you a thousand pounds
to show me how you do it
stop being so laissez-faire
we're all scared of the future

been training vipers to come for you
in your dreams to release you
been training vipers to come for you
in your sleep
and the ravens are leaving the tower
and the ravens are leaving the tower
make your peace

i've got a taste for blood
leave the weak, leave the young
i've got a taste for blood
i'm walking out without you
you will kill or be killed
it's about progress
i've got a taste for blood

wake up sleepyhead
it's happening without you
such a nice guy
you tell me everything twice
whipcrack speed jump
we will run backwards
stop being so laissez-faire
we're all scared of the future

we make plans for big times
get bogged down, distracted
we make plans for good times
all neon, all surface
so kiss me before it all gets complicated
i've got a taste for blood

When you said tulips
I knew that you're mine
When I caught you there
Crying in the night
Wearing my jacket
Wearing that smile
I knew that I'd found you

This could be an opportunity

Were you unawares?
Did it catch you out?
Or did it break you in
Right from the start?
It's as pure as fire
It's as pure as snow
I knew that I'd found you

This could be an opportunity

If you promise to let it
If you promise to let it grow

Cause you're the one I love

I, I still remember
how you looked that afternoon.
There was only you.

You said "it's just like a full moon".
Blood beats faster in our veins
We left our trousers by the canal
And our fingers, they almost touched

You should have asked me for it
I would have been brave
You should have asked me for it
How could I say no?

And our love could have soared
Over playgrounds and rooftops
Every park bench screams your name
I kept your tie

I've gone wherever you wanted

(I still remember)

And on that teachers' training day
We wrote our names on every train
Laughed at the people off to work
So monochrome and so lukewarm

And I can see our days are becoming nights.
I could feel your heartbeat across the grass.
We should have run.
I would go with you anywhere.
I should have kissed you by the water

You should have asked me for it
I would have been brave
You should have asked me for it
How could I say no?

And our love could have soared
Over playgrounds and rooftops
Every park bench screams your name
I kept your tie

I would let you if you asked me

I still remember

To be lost in the forest
To be cut adrift
You've been trying to reach me
You bought me a book
To be lost in the forest
To be cut adrift
I've been paid
I've been paid

Don't get offended
If I seem absent minded
Just keep telling me facts
And keep making me smile
Don't get offended
If I seem absent minded
I get tongue-tied
Baby, you've got to be more discerning
I've never known what's good for me
Baby, you've got to be more demanding
I will be yours

I'll pay for you anytime

You told me you wanted to eat up my sadness
Well jump on, enjoy, you can gorge away
You told me you wanted to eat up my sadness
Jump right
Baby, you've got to be more discerning
I've never known what's good for me
Baby, you've got to be more demanding
Jump left

What are you holding out for?
What's always in the way?
Why so damn absent-minded?
Why so scared of romance?

This modern love breaks me
This modern love wastes me

Do you wanna come over and kill some time?
Tell me facts, tell me facts, tell me facts
Tell me facts
Throw your arms around me

It's so cold in this house
Open mouth swallowing us
The children staying home from school
Will not stop crying

And I know that you're busy too
I know that you care
You got your finger on the pulse
You got your eyes everywhere
And it hurts all the time when you don't return my calls
And you haven't got the time to remember how it was
It's so cold in this house
It's so cold in this house

I can't eat, I can't sleep
I can't sleep, I can't dream
An aversion to light
Got a fear of the ocean

Like drinking poison, like eating glass

It's so cold in this house
Come and show me how it was

We've got crosses on our eyes
Been walking into the walls again
We've got crosses on our eyes
Been walking into the furniture
We've got crosses on our eyes
For richer, for poorer, for better, for worse
We've got crosses on our eyes
We've been walking into the furniture

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04:41am 28/11/2006
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new livejournal   
04:17am 28/11/2006
mood: blank
baby_lovee and bohemian_amor.
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